Shuttsie Love Community Pantry was founded in 2020 at NE 38th & 110th street in Seattle.

Mutual aid is a way of caring for each other's needs without relying on the formal systems in place, which are more often than not, inadequate. Mutual aid calls for a redistribution of wealth in order to make for a more even playing field, where everyone has access to not only survive but thrive. Take what you need. Leave what you can.

Three guiding principles of Mutual Aid: reciprocity, shared humanity, and community-driven care and redistribution of resources.

We keep each other safe.

We offer a place where anyone struggling with food insecurity can get a bite to eat any time.

Mutual Aid isn't a "one and done" thing but should be a part of your routine.

Why the need?

This pantry started in June of 2021. We were doing food distribution at the encampments but since those were swept, it forced more houseless neighbors further into neighborhoods. On top of this issue of “where do they go after a sweep?” this crisis was further exacerbated by the pandemic, when many formal agencies, non profits & churches closed. Even now that food banks and other non profits are open again, they have very limited hours and with many people without transportation, it's hard to get there. With so many without a house or kitchen to cook, much of the food is useless to people living in tents or on the streets.

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